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You get the Best Price Guarantee only when booking directly through us. Our prices are based on season and demand. They are constantly updated. You will see the current prices when you specify the arrival and departure date, as soon as you reserve your room online. As an orientation we show you here our basic room rates per season. They are always per room, not per person.


Single Roomfrom 69,- € / Nacht
Double Roomfrom 74,- € / Nacht
Triple Roomfrom 100,- € / Nacht
Serviced-Apartment1 .500,- € / Monat *

* Serviced-Apartment minimum stay 2 months


Single Roomfrom 79,- € / Nacht
Double Roomfrom 85,- € / Nacht
Double Roomfrom 118,- € / Nacht
Serviced-Apartment1 .500,- € / Monat *

* Serviced-Apartment minimum stay 2 months
Our prices include VAT and are per room & night. However, they do not apply to the following dates: public holidays such as New Year’s Eve, Easter, May 1, Whitsun, All Saints, Christmas, etc.. Furthermore, not on major events in Berlin and on weekends. All daily rates and occasional discounts can be seen after entering your travel date in our online reservation system.

Usually, the amount of the overnight stay will be charged on the day of arrival from your credit card deposited with the online reservation. If you explicitly do not want this and you arrive before 13:00h, you can indicate this when making the reservation. Then the payment will be made at check-in before 13:00h. We accept cash, debit card and credit card payments. Please also note our cancellation options and information about possible cancellation fees during online room booking.


Extra Towels2,50 € per Person
Extra Linen2,50 € per Person
Spreegold Breakfastfrom 8,00 € **


** Our warmest recommendation: Sreegold is only 600 meters (8 Mins walk) away from Pension Absolut Berlin. Spreegold team is looking forward having you as their guests. Also, there are really plenty of alternative choices around the Pension. You won´t get bored easily even if you stay for months. Give us a shout and we help.

Wireless LAN can be received throughout the whole Pension and is free of charge. Our small communal kitchens, tea drinks and a city map are also free.

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