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When do I have to check out?

You should have cleared the room by 11:00h. This is the time we begin to do our cleaning work in the rooms for the next guests. In some cases it is also possible to stay a little longer. This would be on additional cost and in consultation with the reception, which coordinates the cleaning personnel.

Where can I deposit my luggage?

Until 13:00h you can leave your luggage at the reception. After that we recommend to use a external locker. Berlin Central Train Station (and others) offers travelers the ability to store luggage safely and comfortably. The opening times for the baggage area is daily 6:00 to 22:00 h (bag lockers operate 24 hours). Currently, the fees are five Euros per full day. You will find the baggage area on the first floor on the east side of the hall. More lockers in Berlin can be found here: Luggage Storage Berlin

At what time can I check in?

Check-in is possible from 14:00h. In some cases, you can also check in earlier. Please call us if you want to check in prior 14:00h. Usually it is also possible to bring in your bags sooner than 14:00h. So you can enjoy an early day in Berlin without stress.

When do I have to pay?

When booking via the Internet, you must provide a credit card number. As with a rental car reservation also, this information is used solely as security for the reservation. Your credit card won´t be charged. You simply have to pay in cash, by debit or credit card when you check-in.

What are communal kitchens?

A special service of guesthouse Pension Absolut Berlin there are several small communal kitchens in the guesthouse. Guests share the use of the kitchens. Smaller meals can be prepared and food be cooled, or stored. They are equipped with some crockery, cutlery, glasses, cups, microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker and kettle. Salt, pepper, sugar and tea bags are provided free of charge.

What are shared bathrooms?

Shared bathrooms are private, individual bathrooms with shower, sink and toilet, accessible through the hallway. Several rooms share the use of these baths. The baths are each located near to the rooms. The guest house has a sufficient number of bathrooms on each floor. Even at full capacity, there are no waiting periods. The bathrooms are cleaned several times during a day. The shared use of bathrooms and toilets are an important part of our concept providing you with guaranteed low room rates throughout all seasons.

Here you can see the floor plan of the bathrooms in the front building of the Pension:

Where do I take my breakfast?

We provide no breakfast in the guesthouse itself. However, numerous cafes and bakeries are located in close proximity to the guest house. We recommend SPREEGOLD for really tasty, fresh and healthy breakfast close by.
Furthermore, you may use our community kitchens for breakfast preparation. Brewed coffee and tea drinks are for free.

Do I need an environmental badge?

Since 01.01.2008 Berlin has a so called “Umweltzone”, i.e. environmental or green zone. Since 01.01.2010 only cars with a green badge are allowed to drive in certain parts of the city. The zone can be found here: Green Zone

However you are allowed to drive to the guest house without a badge when you manage to avoid driving through the zone. The guesthouse itself is right outside the green zone.  If you want to buy an environmental badge use this link: Buy Environmental Badge.

Where can I park my car?

The pension is situated in a quiet residential street. Parking next to the road is only possible with resident parking permit or per charge for short time parking from the ticketing machine. We do advice to use the parking garage of Schönhauser Allee Arkaden. You can find this monitored car park in Greifenhagenerstrasse, just 150 meters away from the guesthouse, directly at the S-Bahnhof Schönhauser Allee. Parking for 24 hours is currently charged with five Euros only. Opening hours are from 7:00h until 23:00h.
Free parking without permit is possible north of Wisbyer Strasse, also only six minutes walk away from the guesthouse.

Do I have WiFi in my room?

Yes and it is free. The Guesthouse provides a WiFi Network consisting of three WLAN Router. They are connected via WLAN Roaming. So there is no need to manually connect when walking around the guesthouse.

In our apartment there is also WiFi and LAN connectivity. Network name and ID can  be found on the WLAN box.


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