General Terms and Conditions

Absolut Berlin Pension & Apartments



Owner: Kerstin Zimmermann & Tom Fuchs
Erich-Weinert-Str. 26
D – 10439 Berlin

§ 1 Scope

The terms apply to the rental of guest rooms and apartments for the accommodation of guests by Absolut Berlin Pension & Apartments GbR, owned by Kerstin Zimmermann and Tom Fuchs, Erich-Weinert-Str. 26, 10439 Berlin.
The terms of the customer shall only apply if this is agreed in advance in writing.
The sub-and re-letting of the licensed rooms and apartments is not permitted.

§ 2 Performance

Absolut Berlin is obligated to let booked rooms or apartments to the customer and to fulfill the agreed services. The customer is obligated to pay services, which he has taken and agreed for.

This also applies to costs by the customer responsible third parties. The agreed prices include applicable VAT. All prices are in Euros for the specified length of stay until further notice. If the customer does not meets his payment obligations Absolut Berlin is entitled to withdraw from its performance obligations in whole or in part.

§ 3 Reservation and Payment (Room Bookings)

An online reservation is possible with  credit card via Online Booking Engine. Absolut Berlin reserves the right to charge a deposit when telephone or Email reservations are made. A contract is only effective when the reservation of Absolut Berlin or one of their distributors has confirmed the reservation in writing. If a third party has placed the order, this party shall be liable for all obligations under this contract. The total amount is due at arrival and receipt of the key.

§ 4 Cancellation of Room Bookings

A cancellation can only be made in writing and is valid when confirmed by Absolut Berlin.
Cancellation fees are as follows:
Cancellation until 2 days before arrival is free of charge
Total amount of reservation is due if you cancel less than 2 days before check-in, if you do not show up or cancel on the same day of booked check-in.
Prepaid discount rates can not be cancelled and will be charged with full amount.

§ 5 Withdrawal from Absolut Berlin

Absolut Berlin is entitled to withdraw from the agreement in the case of unforeseen events. This is especially true when force majeure or any other, from Absolut Berlin not controllable circumstances will make the performance of the contract impossible, residential units will be posted misleading or against the smoking ban is violated. Before exercise of a withdrawal Absolut Berlin has to inform customers immediately. Where the resignation is eligible there will be no reclaim of possible damages of the customer. If an agreed advance payment is not made, Absolut Berlin is able to rescind the contract.

§ 6 Arrival and Departure

The reserved spaces are available to the customer on arrival from 12:00h.
The arrival time shall be communicated to Absolut Berlin, because the reception is not maintained continuously.
The customer is not entitled to the provision of certain rooms.
On the day of departure, the premises shall be given back to Absolut Berlin until at least 11:0h.

§ 7 Usage of Rooms and Apartments

The customer is not entitled to host more people in the premises as incorporated in the reservation confirmation. If the customer violates the agreement, it is on Absolut Berlin to immediate terminate the contract and may charge appropriate penalty for overcrowding (if more people stay in the premises as stated at booking).
The rental of all equipment and installations by the customer and his companions shall be handled with care.Before leaving the premises front door, windows and taps must always be closed. All electrical equipment and installations, as well as the lights must be switched off.
On departure of the customer the premises must be handed over in a clean condition and in complete inventory without damage. The general rest, especially the night resting from 22:00h to 07:00h are to be respected.
In disregard of the general rules Absolute Berlin can exercise his domestic authority at any time.

§ 8 No Smoking Policy

In all rooms are non smoking. By the violation of the smoking ban incurred cleaning and damages will be charged to the customer (at least 30 Euro within the guest house and 50 Euro within any apartment; additional charges may apply).

§ 9 Damages and Liability

Damage to the institution in the rooms and the apartments are to be reported immediately.
The customer is liable for damages which he or his companions culpably caused. The loss of keys (partly central locking), severe contamination of the premises or in bed linen and towels are to the expense of the customer. The customer authorizes Absolute Berlin, to charge the credit card with the amount of the cost of damage.

§ 10 Liability by Absolut Berlin

Absolut Berlin is responsible for the care of a prudent businessman. This liability is limited to performance deficiencies, damages, consequential damages or disturbances to the intent or serious negligence. Absolut Berlin strives to remove deficiencies or faults immediately after the noticed. The customer is obliged to keep the damage as small as possible by his doing. Absolut Berlin will only be liable to belongings brought to the property within law regulations. Liability claims expire unless the customer immediately reports so after gaining knowledge of loss, destruction or damage of belongings (§ 703 German Law: BGB). For the unlimited liability law regulations will apply. The introduction of valuable objects to the property must first be announced in advance.

§ 11 Final Provisions

Changes or additions to the contract, the adoption or application of this terms should be made in writing. Unilateral changes or additions to these Terms and Conditions by the customer are not valid. Compliance and payment location is in the city of Absolute Berlin Pension & Apartments GbR. German law applies. Should individual provisions of these terms be invalid or void, or become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. All the rest is subject to legal regulations.



TERMS of WiFi-Usage

  • Usage is accessible by entering a code. The code is only handed over to guests of Absolut Berlin P&A who have fully read and accepted this Agreement.
  • The use is free of charge and only applicable for the duration as a booked guest within the premises of Absolut Berlin P&A. The accessibility of Internet is a free service. The code may not be handed over to third parties.
  • The hand-over of the WiFi Code does not incur any liabilities of Absolut Berlin P&A.
    The use shall be according technical possibilities provided. Absolut Berlin P&A makes no obligation for Internet performance and Internet availability or WiFi bandwidth. The service does not justify to usage of the Internet in any particular way or a certain duration.
  • Herewith all liabilities, especially for Warranty and Damages will be excluded. In particular, no liability for content of visited pages or downloaded files will be given. Furthermore, no liability whatsoever for any virus infections caused by the use of the Internet over Wi-Fi will be given. The user expressly acknowledges that only the wireless  access to the Internet is provided, but no anti-virus or firewall protection.
  • The view of pages with illegal content and the distribution of illegal or legally protected content is prohibited.
  • It is expressly forbidden to use the WiFi connection to download or distribute copyright protected content.
  • Any misuse of the Internet Wi-Fi connection, in particular the use which legally infringes any third party or Absolut Berlin P&A is prohibited.
  • Shall Absolut Berlin P&A  be exposed to claims by third parties through miss use for any reason, the originator by this agreement is engaged  to maintain Absolut Berlin P&A free of any damages or suits.
  • Breaching or suspected violation of this terms results in locking the usage of the WiFi connection at any time without notice. Liability for data loss is expressly excluded.
  • By connecting the WiFi router of Absolut Berlin the guest agrees to this terms.